Lexington Center Streetscape Project

The Particulars

Shouldn’t we focus on the Harrington Rd / Bedford St intersection since it’s the worst accident location in the downtown?

The Harrington Rd / Bedford St intersection is of great concern to the community because of its high accident rate. As part of the Battle Green Project, the Selectmen are also pushing to advance the design for this intersection as rapidly as possible. There will be opportunities for public input and participation as these designs are developed.

The Battle Green Project is being developed concurrently with the Center Streetscape Project. The Battle Green Project is in the conceptual stage - meaning that the Town Planning and Engineering Departments, with consultants, have compiled information on traffic patterns and accident history, and are researching possible solutions. The next step is to bring the Battle Green Project to a 25% level of design.

What are the highlights of the Center Streetscape Project?

In addition to addressing major infrastructure needs, the Project relocates dangerous crosswalks and shortens crosswalk distances, clarifies areas for bike travel, widens sidewalks, and calms traffic flow at dangerous intersections and throughout the Center. The Project also enhances the “meet and greet” nature of Lexington Center with benches, tables, plantings, and historic markers.

Safety at Crosswalks

Enhancements to increase safety at crosswalks. Click to enlarge.

How will the Center Streetscape plans affect the neighborhoods surrounding Lexington Center? What is being done to mitigate traffic impacts there?

An independent traffic engineering firm hired by the Town has found that there is the potential for cut-through traffic in the neighborhoods surrounding the Woburn St intersection. The Town will be working with the neighborhoods to design mitigation measures. Click here for details.

What will be done at the Waltham St / Mass Ave intersection?

  • Right now, cars traveling east and turning onto Waltham St from Mass Ave frequently drive right over the corner, endangering pedestrians. The Project will widen the sidewalk by five feet along the stretch from Eye Look to Rancatore’s. Sidewalk space will be gained by eliminating the right turn lane. Vehicles will be prevented from encroaching on the sidewalk by a proper raised curb around the turn. Drivers will still be able to turn right on to Waltham St from Mass Ave from the next lane over.
Mass Ave / Waltham St intersection design

Proposed design for Mass Ave and Waltham St. Click to enlarge.

  • This wider sidewalk reduces the length of the crosswalk, giving people more time to make it safely across Mass Ave. It also creates better sightlines for pedestrians and drivers alike.
  • Bump-outs at all four corners of this intersection will also reduce crossing distances and improve sightlines.
  • Mass Ave will be clearly marked for bike travel.

What will be done at Edison Way (the driveway next to Beijing Restaurant)?

  • The right turn lane into Edison Way for westbound traffic does little for traffic flow and is hazardous to cyclists and pedestrians. The Center Streetscape Project replaces the lane with a wider sidewalk. This will calm traffic turning into Edison Way and create clear sightlines for pedestrians and drivers.
Edison Way design

Proposed design for Edison Way. Click to enlarge.

  • Across the street, cars exiting the driveway next to Lemon Grass restaurant can’t see approaching pedestrians, and pedestrians can’t see the cars until it’s almost too late. The Center Streetscape Project includes plans for addressing this dangerous blind spot; a possible solution is a sensor-operated warning sign to alert pedestrians when a car is exiting the driveway. The sign would include visual and audio warnings for the visually impaired.

What will be done at the Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection?

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