Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Traffic Mitigation

What about cut-through traffic in the neighborhoods surrounding the Woburn St intersection?

An independent traffic engineering firm was hired by the Town to further study the impact of the proposed changes at the Woburn St intersection on surrounding neighborhoods both north and south of the intersection. They found that:

  • There is the potential for an increase in cut-through traffic.
  • There are currently too many crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists at the bike path crossing on Woburn St.
  • Drivers currently speed on Winthrop Rd and will continue to do so even after the intersection is changed and traffic lights installed.

Can these problems be mitigated?

Yes. The engineers suggested a number of potential traffic mitigation measures, including:

  • Limiting the amount of traffic signal “green” time for drivers crossing Woburn St to Winthrop Rd
  • Additional signage
  • Speed tables
  • Road closures/turn restrictions/time restrictions
  • Curb extensions/chicanes
  • Pedestrian accommodations

What happens next?

On March 21, the Board of Selectmen unanimously decided to postpone the Town Meeting vote on the Woburn St intersection portion of the Center Streetscape Project. This will allow the Town to:

  • develop traffic mitigation plans with input from neighborhood residents, and
  • prepare cost estimates of the mitigation measures and update the funding request for the Project

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