Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: Project goals can be achieved without traffic lights at Woburn St.

Facts: The goals of the Center Streetscape project include improving pedestrian access and bike safety and reducing traffic delay times on Woburn St.

Our Town engineers as well as consultant traffic engineers have thoroughly examined many solutions for the Woburn St intersection. Here are their official conclusions to date:

  • The goals of pedestrian access, bicycle safety, crash reduction, and fair integration of cars entering Mass Ave cannot be achieved without traffic lights.
  • Changing the intersection geometry but excluding the traffic light will leave bike lanes and crosswalks unprotected and will make Woburn St traffic backups even worse than they are now.
  • Any roundabout would work very poorly for pedestrians and bicycles, encroach on abutting homes, require considerable taking of private property, and reduce the Farmers' Market green space by 11,700 square feet. The hilly topography would demand an enormous, expensive grading effort.
  • Separate pedestrian crossing light options do not meet state highway standards and regulations and are not allowed at this intersection.
  • Reducing the speed limit in the Center to 20 MPH as we do for school zones is not allowed under state law, and enforcement would be extremely difficult to achieve.

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