Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: The Center Streetscape Project will cut down all the trees in Lexington Center.

Facts: From the very start, every rendering of the Center Streetscape Project has included trees as central elements to the design proposals. Shade and canopy are essential elements of any town center that means to draw shoppers and diners. It is important to realize that most of the trees in Lexington Center are unhealthy and many are dying. The Center Streetscape Project will replace dying trees and any that are inadvertently injured during construction. This is an opportunity for our community to prepare tree pits that are more conducive to healthy growth than the ones that currently exist, and to choose trees that are less likely to attract birds that befoul benches, that grow in a way that lets the signs of our merchants be visible to the public, and that will keep our Center comfortable and inviting.

Mass Ave at Grant Street Looking West - Proposed

Trees have always been part of the Center Streetscape Project. This image is from the December 6, 2011, concept plans.

Commercial Area

Notice the trees along the central business streetscape of Lexington Center. This image is from the January, 2016.

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