Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: The Selectmen and the Town are seeking approval of construction funds for the Center Streetscape Project with no regard to the quality of the final design.

Facts: Nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2011, the idea for the Center Streetscape Project grew out of the convergence of three important issues:

  • The need to repair the broken, unsafe sidewalks of Lexington Center
  • The need to rebuild the failed roadway infrastructure
  • The need to make the Center safer for pedestrians and cyclists

In 2011, the Town contracted with Pressley Associates, an award-winning design firm specializing in historic landscapes, to develop concept plans for the Center Streetscape. The resulting concept plan was the culmination of a year of public outreach involving ten boards and committees, a League of Women Voters First Friday Forum, four public information-gathering workshops, and two formal presentations to the Board of Selectmen.

Since 2011, the Town’s traffic engineers, together with the traffic engineering / landscape design firm Beta Group, have been planning the basic traffic and safety outline of the Project.

The concept plan that was publicly, transparently, and professionally developed in 2011 continues to inform the design of the Project. To finalize the details of the design, the Board of Selectmen has appointed a Center Streetscape Design ad hoc Committee. This committee will be holding two public hearings. In addition, there will continue to be ample opportunity for community input, as there has been since this project was in its conceptual stages in 2011.

Clearly, the Board of Selectmen has been intensely concerned with the quality of the final design from day one.

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