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Myths and Facts

Myth: There is no point in rebuilding the Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection to make it safer for pedestrians because no one wants to walk across there anyway.

Facts: If no one wanted to cross there, there would be no one getting hit by cars there! But the fact is that there are more non-motorist crash injuries at the Woburn Street intersection than at any other intersection in Lexington.

Compare just these three intersections for the years 2002-2013:

  • Harrington Rd / Bedford St:
    • Of the 210 crashes there, three have involved injuries to non-motorists. (1.4%)
  • Waltham St / Mass Ave - the Center’s only signalized intersection:
    • Of the 56 crashes there, three involved injuries to non-motorists. (5.4%)
  • Woburn St / Mass Ave:
    • Of the 80 crashes there, eight involved injuries to non-motorists. (10%)
    • This intersection has a far higher injury crash rate for non-motorists than even Harrington / Bedford, which is the intersection with the most overall crashes.

(Source: Massachusetts Department of Transportation crash portal)

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