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Myths and Facts

Myth: Traffic lights will mar our historic Battle Road and diminish the feeling of the eastern gateway into our town.


  • Actually, our Battle Road is marred by dysfunctional intersections with backed-up traffic, dangerous pedestrian crossings, and frustrated local residents who have been waiting years for relief.
  • No one is talking about putting traffic lights on the Battle Green, or in front of the Minuteman statue, or at Tower Park, or near any other cherished landmarks or historic vistas.
  • Even the Battle Road Scenic Byway Committee has endorsed the recommended plans, which include traffic lights.
  • The aesthetics of an intersection come from the buildings, the greenery, the open space, choice of traffic light style and other features. See these lovely examples from nearby historic towns, all of which have traffic lights.

West Acton Center Intersection. Click to enlarge.

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Wayland Historic District. Click to enlarge.


Wellesley Intersection. Click to enlarge.


Stoneham Intersection. Click to enlarge.

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