Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: Lexington is suddenly on a fast track to install traffic lights at four Massachusetts Avenue intersections: Pleasant Street, Maple Street, Marrett Road / 2A, and Woburn Street.

Facts: Fast track? These plans have been under study, analysis, and development for more than a decade.

The 2003 Comprehensive Plan for Lexington, a town-wide analysis of traffic patterns, identified these intersections as among Lexington’s top ten problem intersections and recommended changes in both layout and in traffic control, including the use of traffic signals.

Work on the East Mass Ave Roadway Improvements Project, which targets the Mass Ave intersections at Pleasant St, Maple St, and Marrett Rd, began in earnest eight years ago, in 2008, in response to citizen outcry about pedestrian safety when a woman crossing Mass Ave near Follen Church was killed.

The process of conceptualizing the Center Streetscape, which was led by landscape architects with substantial public input, started in 2011. That was five years ago. The plan continues to develop. Far from being fast-tracked, the Town is moving the Center Streetscape Project along with great care and diligence, openly and transparently.

The charge that the Center and the East Mass Ave projects are being rushed is false.

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