Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: The Center Streetscape Project will “demolish,” “destroy,” and “Disney-fy” Lexington Center.

Facts: These breathless claims are totally unwarranted. Let’s first acknowledge this: If any demolition of Lexington Center is going on, it is most accurately described as demolition by the ravages of time. The Mass Ave roadbed is failing to its core - beyond its repavable life - and much of the sidewalk area is uneven, chipped, heaved, and crumbling. Plus, safety and accessibility issues abound. The point of the Center Streetscape Project is to correct these failings and stop the neglect of our lovely downtown.

In 2011, through an open, transparent, public process, a concept plan for Lexington Center was developed with substantial citizen and professional input under the leadership of Pressley Associates, an award-winning design firm specializing in historic landscapes. That plan continues to inform the project at the current 25% design phase and in the public process that is bringing the Project forward to 100% design.

The Center Streetscape Design Review Ad Hoc Committee appointed in 2016 to address the final design elements for the Project, will be making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on the following:

  • Choices of street-lighting posts
  • Trees and plantings
  • Amenities like benches, tables, and chairs
  • Materials for sidewalks, edging, and visual unification elements
  • Historical interpretive elements

The committee consists of representatives from the following Town committees, including professional architects:

  • Center Committee
  • Design Advisory Committee
  • Commission on Disability
  • Historic Districts Commission
  • Historical Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Tourism Committee
  • Tree Committee
  • Bicycle Committee

The Committee will be seeking public input on its proposals. There is no need to panic. The Center Streetscape Project is progressing as it has been from the start: holistically, publicly, and transparently, with real respect for Lexington Center and its importance for our quality of life.

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