Lexington Center Streetscape Project

Myths and Facts

Myth: Communications about the Lexington Center Streetscape Project have been poor. I didn’t know about it and haven’t had a chance to express my views to Town officials and representatives.

Facts: Let’s stipulate that the closest thing Lexington has to a newspaper of record is the Lexington Minuteman. From June 2, 2011, through April 28, 2016, the Minuteman has published 58 articles and notices about the Center Streetscape Project.

  • Fourteen articles were published in 2011
  • Two were published in 2012
  • One was published in 2013
  • Six were published in 2014
  • Eighteen were published in 2015
  • Seventeen were published in 2016 (as of April 28)

Eleven articles appeared on the front page. In addition, the Minuteman has published dozens of letters to the editor on the subject. All told, it’s probably safe to say that there were at least 100 mentions of the Center Streetscape Project in the Lexington Minuteman in the past five years.

Beyond the newspaper, the Project has been discussed on social media and on local email lists for quite some time. In addition, the League of Women Voters spearheaded a large community input effort at the inception of the project, co-sponsoring an architect-led exercise attended by well more than a hundred citizens. And the Town has hosted numerous, well-attended public meetings about the Project since 2011. This timeline demonstrates the transparent, open, and well-publicized process by which the Center Streetscape Project has developed and continues to develop.

Our point is not to criticize anyone for not knowing about the Center Streetscape Project. It’s hard to keep track of everything in our busy, fast-paced world. But, based on this record, it seems unfair to fault the Town’s communication efforts.

Anyway - the public process continues, and there is still time to make your views known! Contact the Board of Selectmen at

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