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Myths and Facts

Myth: The crash rate at the Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection is low and has been decreasing.

Facts: The truth is that the number of crashes at this intersection varies year by year and you can make claims about rising or falling crash rates depending on the interval you choose.

  • The average crash rate between 2002 and 2013 was 6.7. But 2014 showed a spike in crashes and injuries. There were ten crashes that year. Five people were injured, three of them seriously. 2015 showed nine crashes and no injuries.
  • But there’s no arguing this: The Woburn St intersection is a hotspot for crashes in Lexington Center. And the injury rate for pedestrians and cyclists is almost double the rate at the Center’s one signaled intersection at Waltham St.

Sources: Massachusetts Department of Transportation crash portal., Lexington Police Department

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