About Us

The Friends of the Center Streetscape Project is a grassroots citizens group organized by Vicki Blier, Irene Dondley, JJ Krawczyk, and Jeri Zeder.

Our goal is to support the Center Streetscape Project through public education. We also support the separate, state-funded East Mass Ave Roadway Improvements Project. We are convinced that people who have accurate information about these projects will support them.

We support the public process that informs the Center Streetscape plans, and we support the recommendations of the Town’s traffic engineers and independent consultants, including the placement of smart traffic lights at the Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection.

Our information comes from the public record, notably:

We thoroughly fact-check what we publish and welcome feedback and corrections.

The Center Streetscape Project will go forward only if interested and concerned residents tell their elected representatives that they support it.

Please show your support for a safer, more welcoming, more accessible, and livelier Lexington Center:

Friends of the Lexington Center Streetscape Project | Lexington, MA