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On January 11, 2017, the Center Streetscape Design Review ad hoc Committee pushed back against the myths and publicly affirmed the truth about the Center Streetscape Project:

  • The Mass Ave roadway in Lexington Center is failing and needs major reconstruction within the next few years.
  • While reconstructing the roadway, it makes economic sense to address the Center’s other known deficiencies - namely, safety, ADA compliance & accessibility, and aesthetics. That’s what the Center Streetscape Project is for.
  • The current 25% design is a conceptual vision for the Center for which public input continues to be actively sought, not, as some claim, a detailed done-deal being imposed on the community.

Here’s the clip from LexMedia in which the chair of the ad hoc committee sets the record straight.

Last January (2016), the Board of Selectmen held a public meeting (see video) to hear what residents had to say about the design, beyond traffic engineering, for Lexington Center. In February, the Board developed the charge for the Center Streetscape Design Review ad hoc Committee, and the Committee started its work in May. The public meetings in January 2017 represent the culmination of the ad hoc Committee's work.

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“Saving” Lexington Center?

Crumbling infrastructure. Unsafe conditions.

Lexington Center can - must - be better.

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Make Lexington Center safe and welcoming for all!



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  • Lexington Center has been the scene of more than 887 crashes since 2002.
  • 182 of those resulted in injuries.
  • Two were fatalities.
  • Lexington Center has had more crashes than most town centers in Massachusetts.
  • The Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection is among the most, if not THE most, dangerous intersections in Lexington to walkers and cyclists.
  • The terrible toll of accidents and severe injuries continues to grow.

The Town has a plan to fix this. It’s called the Center Streetscape Project. It will make the Center safer by widening and smoothing sidewalks, shortening and relocating crosswalks, accommodating cyclists and those with disabilities, and adding smart traffic signals at a reconfigured Woburn St / Mass Ave intersection.

This project has been in development for more than five years and has been carefully vetted through an open, public process.

It is long past time we built it.

Safety can’t wait.

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Make Lexington Center
Safe & Welcoming for All

The outdated, deteriorating streets and sidewalks of Lexington Center expose our visitors, our children, our seniors - all of us - to unsafe conditions on a daily basis.

  • Outdated road design and chaotic intersections endanger drivers, Mass Ave / Woburn St traffic pedestrians, cyclists, and those with disabilities.
  • Crashes in the Center make Lexington among the worst communities for bicycle and pedestrian safety in Massachusetts.
  • Broken curbs and crumbling sidewalks contribute to falls and Sidewalk difficulties for those in wheelchairs.
  • Inadequate, unprotected crosswalks have led to frequent close calls, multiple injuries, and even loss of life.
  • Failing roadway infrastructure and poor drainage require Mass Ave to be rebuilt.

Lexington Center will undergo expensive rebuilding one way or another. The Center Streetscape Project will do it in a way that gives us a safer, more inviting town Center.

The project covers Mass Ave. from the Farmers' Market to the edge of the Battle Green. It’s been in the works for more than five years, with input from Town engineers, professional consultants, the Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting, and the public. There’s a lot to it. Here are highlights:

  • Protected pedestrian crossings will increase safety for children, Grain Mill Alley Rendering elders, people with disabilities, and cyclists at the Farmers' Market and the Bikeway, and for neighborhoods east of the Center.
  • Streets and sidewalks will be friendlier and safer for all modes of transportation.
  • Wider sidewalks will put safer distance between vehicles and people.
  • Better lit, bumped-out crosswalks will increase pedestrian visibility and shorten the distance to cross busy Mass Ave.
  • Deeper sidewalk corners will protect people waiting to cross the street.
  • Clearly marked lanes will provide for bicycle safety and road-sharing.
  • Lane and intersection modifications will calm traffic and increase everyone’s safety.
  • Inviting public amenities will support our Center’s stores and businesses.

But the project is at risk of failing.

It’s a great plan, one that lives up to Lexington’s historic values of neighborliness and inclusion. But not enough people have been standing up for it.

Whether you support the current plans (the project is at an early stage of design) or support it in principle and wish to offer constructive criticism, you can advocate for the Center Streetscape.

Here’s how.

Sign our petition! Together, we can make our downtown better and safer for everyone.

Thank you from the Friends of the Center Streetscape Project.

Crossing Mass Ave

Friends of the Lexington Center Streetscape Project | Lexington, MA